Songkran holidaymakers rush to pawnshop

NOW that Songkran celebration is over many people are in need of cash and in northeastern Buriram province there is a big rush to the municipality pawnshop today (April 18) by holidaymakers who have just returned home, Thai News Agency said.

The pawnshop has arranged over 100 million baht in cash to meet the needs of the province’s residents who were seen to be cramming in to use its services.

It is expected that up to 500 people will show up to either pawn or redeem their valuables today, up from around 200 to 300 people a day. 

Itthidej Thipyasaeng, manager of Buriram municipality’s pawnshop, said he has arranged over 100 million baht because there will be people flocking in all week with today being extra special because the pawnshop is reopening after a five-day break with lots of people coming in to either pawn, redeem or pay interest on their pawned valuables.


Top: A big crowd at Buriram municipality’s pawnshop today. Photo: Thai News Agency


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