Source of missing monkeys found, caught for food.

Villagers in Khao No Nakhon Sawan Province have noticed that the monkey population in the area has significantly decreased. Khao No is a tourist destination in the province with many monkeys. Villagers now found out where they were going, groups of people have been catching the monkeys to eat. The Khaosod News Team visited the area rich in natural resources including mountains, bats, and monkeys. Some even come to the mountain just to feed the monkeys. Nan Yanakak 55 years old a animal food seller in the area for over 20 years revealed to the news team that there are not as many monkeys as before. 



Some have died naturally from diseases but one major factor in monkeys disappearing is bad people. There are groups that catch the monkeys to sell as food. On 29 August 2022 he saw a group catch monkeys. He collected proof which is needles used to sedate the monkeys. Villagers have also captured videos showing monkeys running away from the groups. Some are young teenagers and children walking around with a big bag to put the monkeys in. The monkeys are sold live in a secret wild animal market as food with an average price of 500 THB per monkey. They would also place random bait in the forest and the children would come along to put the monkeys inside bags. 



Nan has been so angry that he decided to place human traps inside the forest but they still return. Nan notifies the local police but by the time officials arrive, the groups would have already left. They also know spots in the forest where not many people visit. Non is taking care of 3 monkeys in a cage because their mother was killed by the hunters. Villagers have been living with the monkeys since they can remember. These monkeys are a part of the forest and mountains in Nakhon Sawan. These hunters are catching wild monkeys for food and money. Locals also believe that these monkeys are sacred and it is very bad harming them. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Hunters have been catching the monkeys to sell as unique food. 


Source: Khaosod