Southern factory fire still raging after 36 hours

SEVEN subdistricts in southern Trang province with a total of 41 villages have been declared a disaster area after a huge fire at a rubber glove that raged for 36 hours spread toxic fumes across the area, reported today (Feb. 5).

The fire at Thai Kong factory, which was built with over 2 billion baht investment, raged all night and firemen from across the province took turns to try to put it out and prevent it from spreading.

They have now succeeded in controlling the damage to just the warehouse building and prevented the fire from spreading to the manufacturing building where expensive machinery are held.

However, within the warehouse some containers packed tight with rubber gloves for delivery to clients are still ablaze, as is the office building linked to the manufacturing building.

Trang Governor Siriphat Phatkul has called a meeting with all the units concerned and the factory management to work out a way to completely extinguish the fire today.


Top:  The blaze that is still raging at Thai Kong rubber glove factory in Trang province. Photo: