Speeding motorcyclist plunges into deep water main

A YOUNG motorcyclist speeding through a close section of a road in Rat Burana area fell into a large water main but was safely rescued and sent to the hospital for treatment, INN News reported today (Nov. 24).

The motorcyclist, Mr Chakraphan Chuaduangphuy, 35, fell into the large water main, with a 3.5-meter diameter and 7 meters deep, on Pracha Uthit road in front of Rat Burana market close to midnight.

Police and rescuers rushed to the scene of the accident, and by using a pulley, pulled the still conscious motorcyclist up to the ground with this taking around 30 minutes, then sent him to Bangkok 1 Hospital.

Officials repairing the water main said they close 2 lanes of this road, leaving one open to traffic, from 10 pm to 4 am. However at around 11.55 pm last night, to their surprise, the motorcyclist zoomed in and plunged into the large water main.


Top: Rescuers pulling the speeding motorcyclist out of the deep water main. Photo: INN News