Spider thief hits mobile phone shop in Mae Sot

A SPIDER thief who is running wild in Mae Sot border city struck again today (July 26) and this time broke into a big mobile phone shop by using his usual tactic of dismantling a part of the roof and dropping down, Thai News Agency said.

After having stolen from many houses in this city on the border with Myanmar, the spider thief again climbed up the roof and slid down to a house turned into a mobile phone shop at Baan Mae Patai community and escaped the same way with eight mobile phones and some money with his loot worth around 50,000 baht.

Mrs Yaoluck Meephiew, the shop owner, said not only did the thief steal her phones and money, he also drank a soft drink from the fridge and ate a snack.

She added that she had just installed metal grills and a burglar alarm but still was hit because she did not think the thief would come down the roof but will now be even more careful.


Top: The hole in the roof through which the spider thief let himself into the mobile phone shop. Photo: Thai News Agency



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