State Quarantine with several meals of rotten food

A woman shared her experience in state quarantine (SQ). She decided to make a complaint about the food and in response received rotten food for a few meals in a row. The responder informed her that she could move to an Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ), and that they would help her do so. The famous Facebook page in Thailand “Kim Signature” shared the story online. This story came from a girl who quarantined at a SQ, this is supported by the government for those returning into the country. At first it seemed to go well, but then things took a turn.


Credit: Sanook


The girl arrived at the hotel and received assistance in carrying her suitcases. The room was nice with no issues. On the 3rd day of quarantine many residents started complaining about the food in the Line group where all residents could communicate with each other. Many stated that the food smelled rotten and was dirty. The hotel apologized and changed the food. Then during the night someone typed in the group “if you are not happy with the hotel service, you can move to an ASQ, we will gladly assist you”.


Credit: Sanook/The first day there was rotten eggs in the chicken rice soup. There was also fish bones in the watermelon. The next day there was plastic in the fried rice.


After the message she continued to receive rotten food for several meals. No one made more complaints as they didn’t want any trouble during the quarantine period. The girl has recommended all travelers returning into the country to pay for ASQ, mainly to avoid issues in SQ such as she did. She stated “If I could turn back time to the day I decided to quarantine in a SQ or ASQ I would choose paying. At least I could complain about the hygiene, with SQ I cannot make any complaints”. The girl does not know who the person is that typed the message recommending travelers to move to an ASQ. Some of the rotten food included watermelon, pineapple, fish, and more that had gone bad.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: “if you are not happy with the hotel service, you can move to an ASQ, we will gladly assist you”.

Source: Sanook