Stations still overflowing despite tweets service back to normal

BANGKOK commuters again suffered long delays this morning (June 28, 2018) despite BTS Skytrain operator tweeting a few times since 6 a.m. that the service is back to normal with some stations heavily crammed and the queue stretching all the way to the road, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported.

After BTS developing signaling problems which particularly affected commuters during morning and evening rush hours since Sunday June 24, the city train operator tweeted at 6, 7 and 8 a,m. that system is back to normal on both Silom and Sukhumvit routes, and adequate number of trains are running.

However passengers tweeted from almost all stations that there are still problems with trains coming late and the stations overflowing with people.

The situation was particularly bad at On Nut station where lots of commuters could not enter it at all, having to wait on the road. Silom, Wong Wien Yai and Krung Thonburi stations were also packed with people.

Some passengers said they came to On Nut station at 7.30 a.m. and after tapping their card and entering, they found that the queue stretched all way down the escalator. By 8.02 a.m. they were still not able to get on a train.

Others said a train came every 5 minutes but after 4 had gone by, they still could not hop on.

However many other passengers said they were able to travel normally this morning with trains not halting at stations for long stretches as happened over the past few days.


Top:  A BTS Skytrain entering On Nut station on the Sukhumvit line. Photo: My Train Pix (CC-By-SA-2.0)