Sting operation nets 100,000 buried meth pills

EASTERN coastal Chanthaburi province’s narcotic suppression unit ran a sting operation to lure a young man into selling methamphetamine pills, or yaba, and netted a total 100,000 of these pills, Spring News reported.

Snagged in the undercover sting was 23-year-old Mr Nattawat Boontook, who is from this province’s Nayai Arm subdistrict and is considered to be a big drug agent.

The unit then extended the search to the suspect’s house and found over 45,000 methamphetamine pills wrapped in yellow packages, with 999 stamped on top, hidden under the bed.

The authorities continued to interrogate Nattawat until he gave out the spot at the side of the house where he had buried another 55,000 meth pills.


After a further search, another 6,000 more meth pills were found hidden in many scattered spots around the house, mostly contained in blue zip-lock plastic bags.

They also found around 200 meth pills packed in transparent plastic bags ready for retail sale along with drug paraphernalia.

Additionally, 9 rounds of ammunition for .38 size pistol were found and confiscated as evidence.

From the initial interrogation Nattawat said he was one of the agents working for Mr. Orr and Mr. Lhong (surname unknown).


Even at the age of just 23, Nattawat is considered a big agent with a long record of selling both meth pills and crystal methamphetamine (Ice) for over 10 years.

The authority detained both Nattawat and Ms. B, his girlfriend, for further questioning. They were charged with selling category 1 narcotics (meth pills and Ice) and carrying firearm and ammunition in public without a license.

The 100,000 meth pills netted in this sting operation is thought to be the biggest amount seized in this province over the past in 20 years.


Top, in-text and below: The drug suspect and his girlfriend after their arrest and the meth pills police seized. Photo: Spring News

By Piboon Awasdaruharote