Storm destroys restaurant in Buriram Province

A storm has blown away a new restaurant that has been built for only a month. The restaurant cost about 1 million THB and the owner is seen in tears after seeing what his business looks like now. Khaosod News Team reported on 28 April 2022 that a storm entered Buriram province. There was also hail in some areas especially  in Plai mas District. There is a restaurant and bar located in front of the local municipality named LA. LA is hardly recognizable after the storm. Every room inside has been destroyed including the kitchen and staff room. Chairs and tables are scattered across the area leaving behind just empty space. 



Praiwan Ponyiam 55 years old, an employee stated the incident took place at about 17.00. He was preparing to open the restaurant when suddenly heavy wind slowly tore apart the business. The walls flew apart from each other and he tried to find a safe place to hide. After the storm calmed down Praiwan came out and called the owner. He thought he was going to die as it was a crazy storm. Wirot Jianthng 37 years old, stated he rents the land and built the restaurant. Since building the business he would open and close depending on the Covid-19 situation in the area. Recently he received good news as the Covid-19 situation started to improve that he could open his business back up again. 



It has been open for over a month and there started to have regular customers. Wirot started to believe that maybe his business could continue. He invested his personal money of over 1 million THB into the business. There is almost nothing left and he has to start from 0 again. The owner states this is worse than the Covid-19 situation. Ariyaporn Saram the village chief stated she feels sorry for Wirot. There is almost nothing left of the restaurant. She advises locals to keep track of the weather forecast and prepare when necessary. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: An employee watched as the wind started tearing the walls apart. 


Source: Khaosod