Stress led to elephant’s death

THE team of veterinarians who treated the elephant which a hundred people pulled up from a canal in northern Phitsanulok province last Wednesday said he died because stress led to his muscles being severely infected which triggered a kidney failure, Thai News  Agency said today (Oct. 22).

The veterinarians at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center’s Elephant Hospital in Lampang province where the elephant was brought on Friday said he died peacefully before dawn today.

They explained that wild animals are prone to get this disease and that they did their best to save his life.

Veterinarians who treated rescued elephant

However although they were not able to save him treating him has been very useful as it will help in taking care of other elephants in similar condition.


Top: The jumbo which died before dawn today soon after his arrival at the Elephant Hospital in Lampang. Photo: Thai News Agency

Inset: Two of the veterinarians who treated the rescued elephant. Photo: Thai News  Agency