Strong winds blow man in inflatable house to his death

A TRAGIC death occurred in Samut Sakhon province last evening (August 18, 2018) when a man who was cleaning an inflatable house during a fierce rainstorm was swept into the sky together with the inflatable structure and then died instantly when he fell into a restaurant, reported today (August 19, 2018).

Mr Amphorn, 65, died at around 5 p.m. yesterday in Mahachai district of this province which is just 48 kilometers away from Bangkok.

He was in charge of this inflatable house, and during the first round of heavy rainstorm went to clean it. However moments later a stronger storm blew in and lifted him and the inflatable house in to the sky, later dropping him at a restaurant where he fell so hard he broke the floor and hit the ground beneath and dying instantly.

The inflatable house was blown and dropped a kilometer away from where it had been installed.

The powerful storm also destroyed some buildings and other structures in this district.


Top: Amphorn flying in the inflatable house during last evening’s storm at left, and a detailed picture of this inflatable structure before it was blown away. Photo:

Below: Amphorn’s body lying on the ground beneath the floor of the restaurant. Photos:


man dead in storm