Students rushed to hospital after traveling in airless van

SEVEN students were rushed to hospital after almost fainting when they arrived at their school in an airless van with all the windows closed and the air-conditioner switched off, Thai News Agency reported today (Jan. 10).

At 8 am this morning rescuers in nearby Ayutthaya province rushed to the school and took 7 mostly girl students of the 4th and the 6th grades to the hospital.

Doctors said they had all almost fainted through lack of oxygen but were all now safe and could return home.

Mrs Amporn Sansuk, the school’s deputy director, said this van was driven by Mr Vanarin Chindarat, 52, and when it reached the school, the teacher receiving the students saw that they were pale and almost fainting, so called the rescuers in.

An inspection showed that the van, which usually left wing windows ajar and the air-conditioner on, today because it was raining so heavily, kept all the windows shut and did not switch on the air-conditioner.


Top: One of the students who almost fainted in the airless van being taken to the hospital. Photo: Thai News Agency