Suan Dusit Poll reveals what the people are stressed about.

Suan Dusit Poll in Thailand provides social science polling data on current issues that are important to Thais. The latest poll comes with the topic of “What the Thai people are stressed about today” in Thai. The Suan Dusit Poll provides that people in Thailand are battling against many situations in the nation including Covid-19 that has carried on longer than expected still with high risk, political problems, the economy, social, and private issues. Each person has a different form of stress that can lead to mental or physical issues. The Dusit Poll carried out the research from 16-18 September 2020 with 1,358 participants. 


Here are the issues that the people in Thailand are stressed concerning politics, the economy, social, and private issues. Concerning politics, most people are stressed about corruption inside at 63.93%. While 46.65% are concerned about the conflict in current politics. The following is 42.32% are worried about social movements and protests. 39.02% are stressed on political news and 35.61% are stressed about amending the constitution. 


For the issues of the economy, 67.76% are worried about expensive living. 58.06% are stressed about economic news. 56.80% don’t have enough money for daily life. 50.64% have debt and 45.32% are unemployed. For issues of social coming in at 57.49% is the stress that people have towards Covid-19. 55.49% of people are worried about crimes that include robbery, murder, and rape. 40.58% are concerned about bullying. 36.21% are stressed about natural disasters including floods, wildfires, and drought. Lastly, 36.16% are worried about accidents as a result of negligence. 


Credit: INN News


For personal problems coming in at 40.43% are worried about work. 27.19% are worried about health. 25.09% are worried about their family, children, and spouse. 16.53% are worried about their studies and 13.19% are worried about friends. The people also revealed what they do when stress is high, 51.47% go to malls, go on vacation, and go shopping. 35.35% go on social media. 33.51% eat while 31.15% play sports. A total of 27.17% turn towards religion and go to temples.  


FB Caption:  Issues that people in Thailand are stressed about concerning politics, the economy, social, and private issues.


Source: Suan Dusit Poll