Suicide or accident? Korean tourist 6 stories fall

At around 3 pm yesterday (21 November) a tourist fell from the 6th floor at a famous mall in Chiang Mai. It was later found out by the police that the man was a Korean tourist named In Bum Lee 45 years old.


He was wearing a black T-shirt with simple long legged Khakis. The security guard of the mall found the man before calling the emergency medical line and notifying the police. The security guard later told the police that he heard a loud sound similar to that of a heavy item hitting the ground. He then ran towards the sound to check it out, he then saw Mr. In Bum Lee laying on the entrance of the parking lot of the mall in an unconscious state. The security guard thinks that Mr. In Bum Lee must have fallen from the rooftop on the 6th floor of the mall.


The security guard was shocked as Mr. In Bum Lee was bleeding from his head, nose, and even mouth, he knew that the tourist was unconscious. When the emergency medical team arrived, they checked his pulse and found none. They quickly performed CPR then moved Mr. In Bum Lee to Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital for further medical care but Mr. In Bum Lee was in such bad condition that he ended up dead at the hospital.


The friends of the deceased later informed the police that they were together checking out the mall. Then the deceased excused himself from his friends, after half an hour his friends started looking for him, where they found out about the 6 stories fall.


The police are searching for the true reason behind the fall of MR. In Bum Lee, to whether it was an accident, a homicide, or a suicide. The reason that the deceased could enter the rooftop is that the mall allows visitors to enter the rooftop on the 6th floor for its view of Chiang Mai.


FB Caption: The fall was from a rooftop at a famous mall in Chiang Mai


Source: Thairath