‘Super Bus’ launched on Bangkok-Sakon Nakhon route

AN EXTRA comfortable “Super Bus” fitted with cocoon seats and electric massager was launched today (Nov. 16) on the Bangkok-Sakhon Nakhon route to boost tourism, Thai  News Agency reported.

Brought into service by The Transport Co. Ltd with the support Tourism Authority of Thailand  the launch of this bus with additional amenities took place in northeastern Sakon Nakhon’s Muang district with the provincial governor Mr Vithaya Chanchalong presiding over it and The Transport Co.’s managing director Chitsak Yaowatsakul also attending.

Vithaya said this new service was introduced to support tourism which is a key driver of the Thai economy and it is hoped it will lead to more people visiting his province.

Chitsak said the new VIP bus is 15 meters long and has cocoon seats equipped with electrical massager. There is also free Wifi on board and individual battery charger.

The staff will be dressed in traditional dress and food will be served on board as there are no stops on the way to reduce travel time.

TAT is supporting the new service by undertaking joint marketing drive with discounts offered to promote the service.

The “Super Bus” will run on three routes with these being Bangkok-Chiang Mai, Bangkok-Phuket and Bangkok-Sakhon Nakhon with the latter being the pilot project.

The ‘’Super Bus” leaves Bangkok at 8.10 pm and Sakhon Nakhon at 7. 45 pm. The fare is 678 baht.


Top: The newly launched extra comfortable “Super Bus.” Photo: Thai  News Agency