Supermarket robbery, thief managed to get away with 290k.

A thief managed to get away with 290,000 THB after a supermarket robbery. The robber committed the robbery alone but police believe it is an inside job with an employee involved. The thief cut a hole in the door and opened the fire exit from inside. He then picked up a key and opened the safe. He grabbed all the cash inside and fled away. Sa Kaeo City Police received notification of a supermarket robbery on 3 April 2023. Offcials went to the location located in the main city of Sa Kaeo Province. The first employee who came in to open the store discovered the robbery. 



The employee noticed the door had a hole in it and many items were gone. The branch manager and company were notified. Police Colonel Ekanan Hukaew from the station stated security footage revealed the robber came in after the store was closed for the day at around 23.00 of the previous night. The robber used a steel cutter to cut a hole and inserted his hand inside to unlock the fire exit. He then pulled out the power source for the security camera, this is where the footage cut off. He walked to where the safe key was and opened the safe. The robber knew where the key was, the safe did not require a password. 



Officials stated the investigation team is working on finding the robber. They collected all security footage from security cameras nearby the store. They are also tracking down his escape route. Police suspect the robber may be female based on the clothing that was seen in the footage. It is suspected that the robbery is an inside job as the robber knew the exact spot to cut a hole in the metal door. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Officials believe the robbery is an inside job based on the evidence. 

Source: Khaosod