Surprise hug at Sgt. Sam’s cremation ceremony

THERE was a touching surprise at the Royally sponsored cremation of Tham Luang hero Lt. Cdr. Samarn Kunun, or Sgt. Sam, in northeastern Roi Et province with an unidentified foreign man showing up and hugging his widow, Waleeporn, and both bursting into tears, reported today (July 15, 2018).

This moving photo of the two of them hugging and crying during the ceremony at Wat Ban Nong Khu yesterday has been shared numerous times online. Netizens mostly commented that although the two of them were not acquainted, they shared the same deep sadness.

Meanwhile Public Health Ministry Permanent Secretary Dr Chetsada Chokdamrongsuk said doctors in charge of the 12 rescued soccer boys allowed their families to tell them about Sgt Sam’s death upon seeing that both their physical and mental health had improved.

The boys all burst into tears and then expressed their sadness by writing messages on a drawing of Sgt Sam. The also stood together to mourn his passing and promised to be good.


Top: The unknown foreign man hugging Sgt. Sam’s widow Waleeporn. Photo:

Below: The rescued boys crying, writing messages on a drawing of Sgt. Sam and standing together to mourn his death. Photos:

Soccer boys in tears Sgt Sam

Soccer boys Sgt Sam again

Soccer boys mourn Sgt Sam