Surprise reptilian visit shocks Thai woman

A 48-year-old Thai woman got the fright of her life last night while watching television in her home in Wangpong District of Phetchabun Province, reported today (May 24).

It was a cold night. As Mrs Kallayaporn grabbed a blanket on the sofa, she was shocked to find a curling cobra under it. The 1.20-meter-long reptile did not move, and the quick-thinking Mrs Kallayaporn tip-toed to the telephone and called the rescue center.

It took the rescue team more than 20 minutes to catch the snake, which will be released in the forest.

“It was the most shocking experience in my life,” said Mrs Kallayaporn. “And I believe the snake did not want to harm me.”


Top: A rescue worker catching the snake from Mrs Kallayaporn’s blanket last night. Photo:

By Songpol Kaopatumtip


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