Survey: Thai workers keen on improving their skills

IN celebrating Thai Labor Day tomorrow with this coinciding with International Labor Day, Thai workers said in a survey that they would like the government to help improve their skills particularly in the fields of food, IT and computer and electricity and electronic in moving towards Thailand 4.0 economy, Thai News Agency said today (April 30).

In a poll conducted in Bangkok and its neighboring provinces by Bangkok University’s research center under the topic “Do Thai Workers have Fighting Spirit” with 1,149 people questioned, 36.3% said they would like to improve their cooking and drink mixing skills, 20.9% want to hone their IT and computer skills while 19.9% are keen on improving their electricity and electronics expertise.

The poll also found that 65.2% know that the minimum wage was increased from 300 baht a day to 305-310 baht as of January 1 this year but 34.8% did not know this.

When asked if they got the pay rise from 300 baht to 310 baht, 78.9% said they had but 21.1% said they had not.

On comparing their financial status to various Thai proverbs, 64.2% said they position is comparable to having enough to live on, 31.4% said it seems it is  not going to be enough while 3.1% said more than enough.

When asked if they know that the minimum wage has been increased from 300 up to 700 for skilled workers 58.7% said they did not know this while 41.3% said they did.

Regarding their viewpoint on this pay rise, 52.8% said it should have been higher while 32.8% think the rise is reasonable in keeping with the economic conditions. However 14.4% think the higher the pay the more difficult it is to find a job because the employers’ cost increases.


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