Suspects in killing of black panther deny charges

ITALIAN-Thai Development Plc CEO Premchai Karnasuta and 4 companions denied all the charges in the wildlife hunting case at Thong Pha Phum court in western Kanchanaburi province this morning, Thai News Agency reported.

After 4 hours of reporting themselves, the court allowed Premchai, Mr Yong Dodkrua and Mr Thanee Thummat to be bailed out at 400,000 baht each while the 4th suspect, Mrs Nathee Reumsan, was allowed to post the same amount of bail, that is 150,000 baht.

They were forbidden from leaving the country and the first hearing of this high profile court case, which stems from the killing of a black panther at a wildlife sanctuary early February, was set to take place on May 21.

Premchai said afterwards that he is prepared to confirm the truth on all the charges in court.

He added that this case does not affect Italian Thai Development’s business, and that he is not troubled by public pressure as he wants everything to proceed according to the law.


Top: Premchai leaving the court this morning. Photo: Thai News Agency