More suspects wanted in fraud case linked to star

THE Crime Suppression Division (CSD) is getting ready to issue arrest warrants for 5 to 6 more suspects in the bitcoin fraud case involving popular Thai actor Chiratpisit Charavichit, or Boom, while also confirming that this case is not linked to the stock market, Thai News Agency reported this afternoon (Aug. 10, 2018).

Boom was arrested yesterday after Mr Arnie Ottawa Salima, a Finnish national, filed a complaint with CSD  that he and his family had defrauded him out of 797 million baht.

Police said the victim was conned into investing bitcoins in Thailand which the fraudsters told him would be exchanged for another digital currency and then invested in the stock market with funds finally to be made available to gamble in Macao.

Arrest warrants are already out for Mr Prinya Charavichit  and Miss Suphitcha Charavichit, Boom’s older brother and sister. While the latter sent word through a middleman that she would surrender, she has not done so.

Police mentioned that an arrest warrant had also been issued for Prinya in another fraud case earlier.

Sources said throughout the night Boom continued to deny the charges and stuck by his initial statement that he was not involved in the fraud.

He continued to claim that the bank account in question was used by his older brother.

Boom’s close friends visited him and talked to him in front of the cell today but returned when reporters showed up to follow the news.

Pol Maj Gen Matri Chimcherd, CSD commander, said the additional 5-6 suspects sought in this case also had money from this fraud circulating through their bank accounts.

Pol Col Chakrit Sawatdee, his deputy, confirmed this case is not linked to companies listed in the stock market but it appears that the fraudsters claimed that their companies were listed.

Investigation showed that Prinya was linked to 3 companies opened in Thailand and Hong Kong, with registration papers of these firms showing that members of this family are part of them. Some other companies mentioned to the victim do not exist.

Meanwhile Mr Prasit Sisuwan, a famous stock investor, met the police today and said he too is a victim, but police maintain that their investigation and the evidence they had gathered so far indicate that he might be involved.


Boom surrounded by reporters above, and and being questioned by CSD police below. Photos:  Thai News Agency

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