Swiss dad has doubts about 4 children’s horror fall

THE Swiss father of 4 young Thai-Swiss children who fell off a balcony platform leading to one of them dying said he still has doubts about this tragic fall because police have not clearly concluded the case, reported today (May 7).

Speaking after attending the 2nd day of prayers for Kanetcha Niran Borel, 5, at Wat Chanthawongsaram, with his siblings Luka Niran Borel, 11, Pamela Niran Borel, 10, and Chanida Niran Borel, 7, still in the hospital, Mr Marcel Leon Borel said police are still suspicious and have not concluded the case.

Someone has to take responsibility for this tragedy, he added.

Borel, together with Miss Chananrat, a close relative, also explained that he did not desert his children, with their mother taking them away from his rented condo after accusing him of not giving money when she asked for it, and that he did not take good care of the children.

He and his friends in Thailand searched for the children, and when they found them and tried to meet them, their mother and her family refused to let him do so and blocked the way.

He added that he has not been treated in a just manner by the police and the hospital because he was not allowed to meet his hospitalized children, even though he has the right to do so being their father.

Rattikarn Prakaikaew, the mother said when leaving the temple for hospital that right now she is not allowing her former husband to visit the children because she wants the operations to be completed and for them to recover first.

Meanwhile the temple said the boy’s family was too poor to pay for the funeral service so it is not charging anything


Top: Funeral prayers for 5-year-old Kanetcha Niran Borel. Photo: