Syrian and Finnish man arrested in Thailand.

A Syrian man was arrested in Thailand for carrying a fake passport on an international flight. Also caught in August, a Finnish man was arrested for beating up a Thai woman while he was attempting to leave the country.


The Immigration Police arrested an 18-year-old Syrian man on 1 August 2019 using a fake Emirati passport which is a passport issued to citizens from the United Emirates (UAE) in Thailand. His original destination is England and he was using Thailand as a layover between his travels.


Credit: INN News
Credit: INN News


The Syrian man was on his way to seek asylum in England with a fake passport. He stated that the fake passport was sent to him via post in Lebanon from his brother for the price of 1,500 USD. He then used the passport to travel to Thailand. He was arrested by officers at Suvarnabhumi Airport.


The officers discovered that he was carrying a fake passport from the Biometrics system that revealed the passport hidden inside the pocket in his pants. The man planned to stay in Thailand until the 8th of August when he was supposed to jump on a plane to England. Another ticket was purchased for a flight from London in England to Muchen in Germany.


The Finland citizen was arrested under assault after he beat up a Thai girl in Chonburi Province and was on his way to leave the country. The victim filed a report with the police reporting what the Finnish man had done to her. The court has accepted her case with a timestamp of 22 August 2019.


Credit: INN News
Credit: INN News


Officials received information about the wanted man on the same date as the court timestamp at 18.00. The Finnish man was found at the airport on the same day ready to leave the country at 21.00.


The officials at the airport helped arrest the man. This was done by informing all immigration stakeholders to keep an eye out for a Finnish man who looked like the suspect. Officials include AOT, AOC, customs, Immigration Police, Suvarnabhumi officials, Tourism Police, and more. There is a team called “Immigration Home Team” who keeps track of international suspects on the run across the nation.


FB Caption: The Syrian man was carrying a fake Emirati Passport while the Finnish man was trying to leave the country right after he beat up a Thai Woman.


Source: INN News