Taiwanese Drug dealer arrested in Bangkok.

A Taiwanese Drug dealer known as “Lupin”, has been arrested in Bangkok. The Narcotics Suppression Bureau (NSB) arrested a big drug dealer in Bangkok making his own Milk Powder Ketamine. The man was arrested inside a fancy condo in Asok using a fake name with a history hiding from a drug-related case. Police also found evidence including Ketamine, Heroin, Crystal Methamphetamine, sleeping pills, equipment, drug packages, a gun, 8 bullets, and more. The Taiwanese suspect admitted that he uses a fake name and owns many fake passports all with different aliases. The suspect is wanted in Taiwan for multiple cases all related to drug charges.


Credit: INN News


Lupin has been hiding and doing business in Thailand for many years. Police General Suwat Jangyotsuk the Commissioner-General interrogated the suspect after the NSB discovered he was wanted in Taiwan. As officials inspected the condo room they found 2 kgs of Ketamine, 8 kgs of Heroin, 2 kgs of crystal meth, 379 ecstasy pills, 11 grams of cocaine, 48 strips of LSD, 200 sleeping pills, and equipment used to make milk powder ketamine. This type of drug is gaining popularity in Thailand and is made by mixing sleeping pills with other addictive substances such as ketamine and heroin. 


Credit: INN News


There have been many deaths connected to milk powder ketamine. Officials have been hunting down sellers distributing the drug. They discovered information linking the 38-year-old suspect to a big source of the drug. 3 locations in Chiang Mai are also linked to this case. Lupin stated he formulated the drug but users have been using it wrong leading to death. The suspect has been in Thailand for 9 years. Thailand officials will contact the Taiwanese officials to help find related persons in the case residing in Thailand. Lupin sells his drugs locally, online, and in entertainment businesses. 


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: The suspect is nicknamed Lupin and is also wanted in Taiwan. 


Source: INN News