Taxi driver returns Indian couple’s money

A kindhearted taxi driver who found over 70,000 baht in cash and valuables in his cab returned them to an Indian couple holidaying here, Thai News Agency said today (April 28).

Sakol Thavornkarn, corporate communications director of FM 91 radio station, and Pravit Wanghinkong of Amari Watergate Hotel witnessed the return of a woman’s cream color purse with 50,000 baht and 23,780 Indian rupees, a one baht weight gold necklace with a pendant, an iPhone 6 smartphone and a credit card to Abhishek Karnawat, 35, and his wife Ms Preza, 22, by Phanumart Charanchol, the taxi driver who found the cash and valuables on a rear console of his cab.

Mr Phanumart said he dropped off the couple and unloaded three suitcases at Amari Watergate Hotel in Patunarm area at 6.50 p.m. yesterday after bringing them to Bangkok from Pattaya. He then went to fill gas at a pump on Rama 9 Road and headed home because he was tired after driving all day.

It was when he started cleaning his cab that he found the cash and valuables and immediately called 1664 to reach FM 91 radio station so that they could help track down the couple and also deposited everything at the station.

Mr Karnawat was very happy to get his belongings back and sincerely thank Mr Phanumart and gave him 5,000 baht reward for his good deed.

Meanwhile Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan speaking about the rape of a young Brazilian tourist in Suphan Buri on Tuesday said that police have measures and equipment to control crime but it is not possible to prevent it from happening at all however public ethics have to be built up so that people don’t break the law.

The government will implement measures to control public vehicle operators some of whom may not be strictly checking the background of taxi drivers. Operators have to have some standards for instance when considering letting someone who has committed many crimes in the past drive their taxi. In fact their public driving license has to be cancelled, but sometimes the operators know that they have just been released from jail and still give them a chance.

At the same time the Transport Ministry is working on improving the image of public vehicles and will be holding talks with all operators to ask for their cooperation especially when it comes to public vehicles at airports as safety has to be very well taken care of.


Top: Mr Karnawat, left, giving Mr Phanumart, right, his 5,000 baht reward. Photo: Thai News Agency


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