Taxi driver turns on meter before arriving at pickup spot.

A passenger was confused when he ordered a taxi but the meter was already running when the car arrived. The driver stated he had to drive far and therefore turned on the meter from his location to the pickup spot. The meter was already at 83 THB when the passenger got inside. The driver’s service was terrible with fast driving and complaining throughout the trip. A TikTok user posted a video showing evidence that the meter was on before the service started. The driver complained that there are so many problems and he wants to stop accepting passengers from applications.



Khaosod Online talked to Nas on 3 February 2023. Nas stated the incident took place on the 1st at 21.00. He called a taxi to pick him up at Bang Yai District in Nonthaburi Province to Pracharat. After booking on the app he received a call from the taxi. The driver stated, “I am at Srisawan Hospital, do you want to wait or not?”. Nas stated he will wait and the taxi arrived after 15-20 minutes. He got in the vehicle and saw that the meter was at 83 THB. Nas asked, “Uncle, will you restart the meter or not?”. The driver answered that he had to drive far to reach the pickup spot. Inside the app, the fee for the ride was estimated at 260 THB. Nas informed the taxi that it isn’t right to turn on the meter before he was even inside the taxi. 



He also stated that the price inside the application was an estimate and not the final price. He cannot start the meter from where he left from but can ask for 20 THB as a booking fee as the app states. The driver did not like hearing this but he restarted the meter. He drove fast and complained all the way to the destination. As they neared the destination Nas asked to transfer the fare fee but the driver yelled at him stating he had no bank account. Nas then asked to park the vehicle for an ATM. The fare turned out to be 160 THB. what do you think about this incident and has this happened to you?  


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Should the driver start the meter before or when the passenger gets inside?


Source: Khaosod