Taxi owner says Taxi driver who recieved 8M THB is a fraud

Sitthichai 72 years old went viral online after he gave an interview and revealed details about his life while crying. Sitthichai is a taxi driver who stated that his life was like a bad movie, he had no food and was finding different ways to find money and survive through each day. Sitthichai was renting a taxi for 300THB per day, which is considered low priced as most taxi drivers pay about 800 THB per day. In order to survive during the Covid-19 situation, he also delivered parcels as there were not as many customers using taxi services during this time.


Sitthichai’s interview went viral online and Thai netizens donated over 8 Million THB into his account overnight. Sitthichai revealed after the miracle that he was going to use the money to buy a home and donate a part of the money to a hospital for Covid-19 patients, firefighting Equipment, and a foundation for other taxi drivers. Sitthichai was living alone in a rented home.


Precha 49 years old, the owner of a taxi renting company came out to the public on 12 May 2020. This is the man who Sitthichai was renting a taxi from. Precha states that Sitthichai is a total fraud and he is speaking so that no one ever falls victim to the man again. Precha claims that the story Sitthichai told to the public for sympathy is all fake. The taxi driver lives with his son who is also a taxi driver that also rented a taxi from Precha. He didn’t have to pay rent because the father and son lived at the ex-wife’s home.


Credit: Sanook


Sitthichai and his son owned Precha some money for the taxi’s and always had problems. Sitthichai damaged the car and when asked to pay for the repair fee he would avoid and blame it on the car. After Sitthichai went viral he received almost 10 Million from kind netizens, he stopped using Precha’s services and so did the son. The father owes Precha 1,400 THB and the son owes 13,970 THB coming to a total of 14,970 THB. Precha visited Sitthichai’s home but he was nowhere to be found. The taxi owner has filed a report with the Bang Poo Police in Samut Prakarn Province.


FB Caption: Sitthichai recieved over 8 Million THB overnight from kind netizens but he still hasn’t paid 1,400 THB of taxi fees and is nowhere to be found.


Source: Sanook