Teacher cuts student’s hair in front of whole school.

A student got her hair cut off by a teacher in front of the whole school. The incident took place in the morning right before school started, this is normal in Thai schools as students from all grades will gather in front of the Thai flag to sing the national anthem. The mother of the student has come out stating that she does not want to move her child out of the school but will consider doing so if the principle has no answer. Jin 33 years old the mother posted on her Facebook account about an incident that happened to her daughter who is in grade 9. The girl is a student at a local school in Sisaket Province. 


Credit: Khaosod


The incident took place on 3 July 2020 when a male teacher pulled her child out in front of the flag where all in the school could see, he then chopped off her front hair with a pair of scissors. The girl was left with a messy haircut, particularly shorter in the front. Many offered their opinions and a helping hand to the mother, intending to help stop problems related to haircuts in Thai schools. The mother has come out to make a statement after rumors started going around stating the mother has given up and will be moving her child to a different school from fear of being attacked. 


The mother, father, and daughter, Jin, Keng 35 years old, and Ong 15 years old stated on 8 July 2020 relating to the incident. The 3 were at a local restaurant in the province trying to find a solution as the family has received a lot of backlash from the online community. Dr. Chuchart the principal and other teachers have set up a meeting with the parents on the same day to help find a solution. 


Jin stated that she has not given up and Ong is still studying at the school. Ong has been a student at the school for a while now and has almost graduated grade 9. Jin doesn’t want Ong to just leave school suddenly. Her future is still important and it can’t be stopped by a hair problem. It depends on whether she can find a solution with the school. If there is no solution agreed on then Ong will be moving to another school. Jin has contacted other schools in case it is necessary. The family wishes to provide Ong with the highest education possible. Jin also asks Netizens to stop making fake rumors up intending to cause disagreements between the family and the school because the person most affected by the whole incident is her daughter.   


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: It is time Thai schools stop cutting student’s hair as a form of punishment that causes shame. 


Source: Khaosod