Teacher forgot child locked inside.

A small child was forgotten inside a school by the teacher. The principal has come out to address the issue. A Facebook user posted online “A child was left behind in the school. He was crying with bloated eyes, mosquito bites everywhere”. Netizens commented on the post wanting to know more about the story. The Sanook News Team went to the school on 22 December 2020 located in Chonburi Province. The team met Kittisak 36 year old, the man who climbed over the school fence and brought the boy out.


Credit: Sanook


Kittisak stated the incident took place on the 17th at around 18.30. A food vendor came to him stating a child was trapped inside the school standing in the rain. He went and found the student holding on to the fence crying. Kittisak noticed the boy was covered in mosquito bites. He realized this wasn’t right and climbed over the fence even if it might bring him trouble. Together they sat inside a nearby shop and ate snacks. The boy seemed hungry and shortly after the mother came to pick him up. He didn’t ask much and stated he wasn’t the one who posted the pictures online.


Credit: Sanook


Kanchana the principle stated the boy fell asleep on a school swing located inside a tunnel. This student always goes home late as the mother finishes her job at 8 pm. She usually tells her older son to pick his brother up but the other son went to play football and never picked the boy up from school. At 17.30 the teacher checked around the school to see if anyone was still there. Because of this, she thought the brother had already picked up the boy. She went home while the boy was still sleeping inside the tunnel. The parents came in for a meeting the next day and the issue was solved. Kanchana admits it was the teacher’s fault and apologizes to all the parents promising an incident like this won’t happen again.



FB Caption: The child was sleeping inside a tunnel so the teacher believed all students had gone home.


Source: Sanook, Amarin news