Teacher slapped first-grade student into the hospital.

A student in grade 1 was slapped by the teacher and required medical attention. The mother revealed to the media that she feels what happened is not right. This is not the first time the teacher has harmed her child. The District Chief and the Principle visited the family with plans to set up a review board. A post went viral online with a picture of the girl sleeping in a hospital bed with a caption stating her daughter had been slapped by the teacher. Jakkrit Ruamkun, Jakkrapong Burasit the Nang Rong District Chief in Buriram Province, the principal from a school in Nang Rong District, and other related officials went to the home hoping to find out the truth on 12 February 2020.


Credit: Khaosod


Waew 30-year-old the Facebook account owner and mother of the 7-year-old girl revealed her daughter lives with the grandmother. Waew went to work in Pattaya on the 9th and later received a phone call from her mother informing her that the girl had been slapped so hard she cannot open her right eye. The girl has a swollen face and a serious headache. She was admitted into the Nang Rong Hospital for a night and then returned back home to further recover. Waew was shocked by what had happened and came home to Buriram Province right away. She arrived home and found the daughter still frightened by what had happened. The girl is terrified to return back to school.



This is not the first time the teacher had harmed her daughter. On the 5th of this month, she went to the hospital once before for the same reason. Waew states her daughter is a slow learner and this may have made the teacher angry. The teacher promised her it would never happen again so Waew did not file a report with the police. Waew was also a student in the same school when she was younger. The family feels sorry about what the little girl has gone through, especially when they didn’t take any action the first time. The school principal states there will be an investigation into what truly happened. He also promises no student will face a similar incident in the future.



FB Caption: This is the second time the 7-year-old girl was admitted to the hospital after she was slapped in the face by a teacher.


Source: Khaosod