Teen gang beats up injured patient in emergency room

A GANG of around 10 teenagers followed 3 others all the way to the Samut Songkram’s  Kathum Baen Hospital and bashed up a badly injured teen some more before firing warning shots in the sky and driving off, Thai News Agency said today (Nov. 6).

At around 10.30 pm last night police from Krathum Baen station rushed to Krathum Baen Hospital’s emergency room and in front of it found twelve  9 mm bullets scattered around.

Within the emergency room was a teenager, whose name is not yet know, so badly beaten up he had bruises all over his body and 2 others had minor injuries.

Eyewitnesses said before the attack a group of 3 to 4 teenagers helped bring their friend who had been beaten up to see the doctor and just as hospital staff where taking him in for treatment in the emergency room another group of about 10 teenagers followed them and punched up the first group at the entrance.

The attacked teens rushed into the emergency room but one youth from the second group followed them there with a baseball bat and beat the injured teen about 10 times in front of other patients, doctors and nurses before rushing out.

The attacking group of teens then fired warning shots in the sky and sped off in a white pickup truck and a motorcycle.

Police investigators have questioned the 3 injured teens but want to keep the details confidential. They also have to check CCTV footage but they already know who the culprits are.


Top: The entrance to the emergency room where the attack took place last night. Photo: Thai News Agency