Teenager bashes his grandmother to death

A 15-year-old teenage boy furious at his grandmother for scolding him every day and not giving him money used a big stick with nails on it to bash her to death, Sanook.com reported this morning (March 7).

Police in northeastern Ubon Ratchathani province rushed to a house in Trakan Phuet Phon district at 6. 50 p.m. yesterday after being informed that a murder had taken place there.

Within the house they found the body of Mrs Phol, 80, lying on quilt in the ground floor bedroom with a bad wound on her head from which she had bled profusely. Nearby was a 14-inch thick stick with nails on it.

Mrs Phol’s son, Mr Chalong, 43, told police just as he returned home he passed his son, Mayom (assumed name), 15, who dashed out of the house.

When he went in he got whiffs of blood and found his mother’s body stuffed in a fertilizer bag in his son’s bedroom, so called the police.

Later Mayom’s mother, who lives in Amnart Charoen province, said she was bringing her son in to surrender.


Top: The house where the 80-year-old woman was killed by her grandson. Photo: Sanook.com