Teenagers beat up convenience store employee due to mask requirement.

A teenage gang beat up a convenience store employee after being reminded to wear a mask inside the store. The story was first shared online by Facebook Page “If you want to be famous version 3” in Thai. The page posted a video showing the incident that took place inside a gas station convenience store located in the main city of Ratchaburi Province. Khaosod News reported that there is 1 injured person, a 19 year old employee. The incident took place at around 1 am on 27 March 2022. A teenager that looked drunk walked inside the store. The employee asked him to wear a mask as required in the safety precautions against Covid-19. The man was unhappy and started yelling at the employee. 



The injured person stated after asking the man to wear a mask, the man responded it was none of his business and asked if the employee wanted to have a problem. The man then punched the employee who punched back to protect himself. The man walked outside and came back in with 3 friends who dragged the employee outside and started beating him. The employee was kicked repeatedly in the face and lost consciousness. A woman ran in to help and asked the 4 teenagers to stop hurting the employee. She woke the injured person and helped him up. 



The victim has filed a report with the Ratchaburi City Police. Officials advised him to get checked at a hospital to get the medical care he needs. The victim states he simply asked the man to wear a mask as it is required to protect the spread of the virus while inside a store. He is still struggling with headaches and is still afraid. Somkiat, the owner of the convenience store, stated employees are required to notify customers of the mask policy. He was simply doing his job and the owner intends to press charges on all the teenagers. The woman who came to help is actually the wife of one of the teenagers and she works at the store. Somkiat stated she has been put on leave. Police reveal they know who the teenagers are and the parents have been contacted. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The employee was dragged outside the store and was beaten until he lost consciousness. 


Source: Khaosod