Thai murder suspect spotted by Cambodian hotel camera

A THAI man wanted on the charges of beating his high-society girlfriend to death last week was filmed by a Cambodian hotel security camera walking out of the premises and Thai police are now quickly moving to extradite him, reported this morning (Aug. 2, 2018).

Miss Thitima Tangwibulpanich, 39, who is a big property and transport business owner and also runs 3 petrol pumps while being a relative of Thai movie star Arthit Tangwibulpanich, was found dead at a luxury hotel room in Lad Phrao area with her skull cracked and a baseball bat lying nearby last Friday July 27. Missing were her Mercedes Benz model E220 plus 200,000 baht she had withdrawn that day.

Wanted for her murder is Mr Assaya, or Koh, 33, with whom she had been involved in a secret relationship and had rented this hotel room for a month prior to her death.

This hotel’s CCTV footage shows that the two of them went to the room at 10.41 p.m. the night before but 1.55 a.m. the next day Assaya left alone.

Police later found her Mercedes Benz parked at a private car park in western Chanthaburi province and discovered that the suspect had crossed over to Cambodia in a Cambodian gambling den vehicle, after which he checked into a hotel there.

However the video clip obtained by the Cambodian hotel shows Assaya, wearing a white shirt and dark trousers, walking in front of the lift with his brother, also wearing a white shirt but with a cap on, walking behind him. They both behaved normally as if nothing had happened.

Police have liaised with border checkpoint officials to quickly find and extradite the suspect.


Top: The murder suspect and his brother walking near the lift at a Cambodian hotel. Photo:

Below: The murdered woman’s Mercedes Benz sedan. Photo:

Mercedes Benz