Thai netizens unite to win global POPCAT and POPDOG competition.

Thai netizens unite to win the global competition with the most clicks in Popcat and Popdog. Thailand already ranks no.1 for the most clicks on Popcat and are working together again in the fun journey with the goal of being no.1 most clicks on Popdog. The current Covid-19 situation in Thailand brings stress to every person in the country, this fun online activity helps unite people using a fun and simple task. To play Popcat and Popdog is easy, simply tap as many times as you can, the more clicks you make, the more you contribute towards bringing your nation to the top rank. 


Credit: POPCAT


Thai netizens ranked no.1 in Popcat just after 1 day. Netizens have continued the search for their next win and the goal is to rank first in Popdog. Popdog uses the same mechanism of Popcat which is a clicking game. The numbers increase as you click the mouse or tap the screen. Popdog counts each click as petting the cute dog. In Popdog you can also set a username that will show if you place in the top ranks. It also shows the global ranking just like in Popcat. With the username function, you can become a top clicker with your name on the international player rankings. 


Credit: POPDOG


Not long after the Popcat trend started, Popdog followed and Thai netizens completed their new mission at 4 am on 16 August 2021. Thailand is now the nation with the most clicks on the website. Malaysia is now 2nd place following Thailand. The power of Thai netizens have shown to be strong, winning many creative missions together. You can also join in this fun mission if you have some free time and want to unite power with other netizens. The numbers are expected to increase as Thailand and Malaysia continue to battle for the top position on the international ranking. The competition is intended to show the power of Thai citizens and is a fun activity to enjoy in your free time. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Thailand ranked first place in POPCAT and POPDOG within one day. 


Source: Sanook