Thai Santa Claus giving free toys to children across the country.

The Thai Santa Claus is driving from Rayong province to the North of Thailand on his motorbike full of toys and dolls to give to children along the way. The kind man is Yongyut Sangdee 62 years old who is the “Santa Claus of Rayong”. He will drive his red Honda CPX motorbike with a load of toys leaving from Rayong on the 18th of December this year. In the front of his motorbike is the picture of the King who he holds in his heart.



Credit: Khaosod


Many locals and citizens who meet Yongyut have seen the passion that he has towards bringing children happiness and have helped by buying extra toys for the children. Pantiga Wichabunsiri the owner of a local hotel in Rayong met Yongyut in Chainat when he was dressed as Santa Claus. She saw what he was doing and wanted to help support the good cause, so she donated to help Yongyut buy more toys.


Tumrong Tohwiwat who is the owner of a local laundry shop welcomed Yongyut who parked in front of his store, where he also gave free hot dogs to children who waited to receive free toys from the Thai Santa Claus. Tumrong first saw Yongyut many years ago while he was driving his motorcycle full of dolls hanging from the sides. Since then, he has helped clean all of the toys and clothes that Yongyut has prepared for the children, he feels happy to be a part of the good cause.


Yongyut reported that he will be heading to Nan province, where his main goal is to give children gifts of toys and dolls to grant them happiness for this Christmas. After visiting Nan, he will drive to Chainat province, Chiang Mai province, Chiangrai province, and then to Mae Hong Son province. Where he has prepared his gifts by delivering them ahead of time to each province before arriving at the provinces.


Yongyut has been driving across to the North in order to deliver free gifts to children for over 25 years. Such act has given him happiness to his life and fulfillment to his passion where he will continue to be a Santa Claus until his body won’t allow him to do so. His main goal is to bring smiles to the children from meeting Santa Claus and to help children in rural areas by fulfilling one of their dreams.


FB Caption: Yongyut has been driving across to the North in order to deliver free gifts to children for over 25 years


Source: Sanook, Khaosod