Thai Students wear white bows against dictatorship

Students across Thailand are wearing white bows as a sign against dictatorship. The fight for justice continues on from the rallies that recently took place joined by high school and university students, and people of all ages. The Free Youth Group has proposed different activities to join as a part of the movement towards righteousness in Thailand. Students, mostly high school students all over Thailand have started to tie white bows on their school bags and uniforms as an act against dictatorship. 


Credit: Khaosod


The Free Youth Group explains that white bows represent rights and freedom in society. By wearing a white bow you are making a statement that you believe in democracy. The color white represents innocence. It is making an implication that the youth are white sheets. The statement comes from a pure place of heart from the youth. It is also saying that the students are against dictatorship, or using power in a wrong way. The main purpose of this activity is for the people to realize what has been happening in Thai society which will all affect the current youth’s future.


Credit: Khaosod


Students also made the three-finger salute while standing in front of the flag for the national anthem. Thailand’s twitter also plays a large part in the movement where people update what is currently happening across the nation through #hashtags relating to Free Youth. Students have been reported to be called into the Student discipline office. A video went viral showing 7 students standing on a stage in front of other students. While they were planning to make a declaration one of the teachers pulled the paper with the script away and then attempted to order the students to get off the stage. All the students in the school answered by showing the three-finger salute. 


Credit: Khaosod


Another picture was posted from a different school. A teacher untied the white bow a student had tied onto her bag and then proceeded to tie it around the student’s neck. The twitter user who posted the picture tweeted “Teacher tied the white bow around the student’s neck, do you think this was right to do? I don’t think it was appropriate”. 


FB Caption:  The white bow represents rights and freedom in society. By wearing a white bow you are making a statement that you believe in democracy


Source: Khaosod