Thai ‘Tarzan’ finds happiness on a tree top

DRIVEN from his farm by the landowner, a 47-year-old Thai man found a new ‘home’ on top of a giant tamarind tree in the central Thai province of Lop Buri.

The ‘Thai Tarzan,’ identified only as ‘Nattapong’ by, survived by doing odd jobs for villagers in Tha Kae Sub-district of Lop Buri. Some people bring food for him from time to time, after learning of his plight.

“I am happy to live on the tree,” said Nattapong. “Some neighbors drop by to give me food and necessities. Others give me cash.”

“I am thankful for these people who sympathize and give me the assistance that I need.”


Top: The giant tamarind tree ‘Nattapong’ lives on. Photo:

By Songpol Kaopatumtip


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