Thai women stuck in Russia with no passport.

The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) is helping Thai women stuck in Russia, the women want to return home in fear of Covid-19. Officials received a case where Thai women in Russia are asking for help, with concerns of human trafficking involved in the case. A Facebook Page named “Good massage therapists with standards and no hidden jobs” in Thai shared the story of 2 Thai women stuck in Russia.


The 2 women went to work as massage therapists in Russia before the spread of Covid-19. As time moved on the pandemic started becoming more serious. The women didn’t receive their wages but knew that they needed to return back home in Thailand. The problem started when their boss had taken their passports. At first, claiming that the passports were to be used in an application to extend their working permits. The women then took matters to the police and went to file a report against the boss, asking for their passports to be returned. The boss denied and claimed that in order to receive their passports back the women must pay a fee as he invested money into the women working in Russia. The women are now on a mission to find the money for the boss as they have breached the employment contract.


The DSI contacted the Thai Embassy in Moscow, Russia to help the women. The embassy received the case and have asked the boss to come in for a meeting with a goal to find a solution for both sides. As a result, the boss came in and agreed to pay the women their owed wages. One of the women has expressed the intention to continue working in Russia until the end of her contract with the company in November 2020. The other woman wants to return to Thailand as soon as possible. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stepped in to help find options for returning back home. The DSI will be keeping an eye on the case with related government sectors.


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: The boss had taken both of the women’s passports, claiming that the employment contract has been breached.


Source: INN news