Thai YouTuber receives backlash after throwing dog onto BBQ stove.

There are many Thai Youtubers online with high competition and the battle on content creating. A Thai Youtuber published a video where he was having pork BBQ and a dog came flying into the stove. Many netizens disagree with the content stating they know this was staged and it is not right to harm the animal for content. The video is titled “having BBQ like rich people, but something happened?!” in Thai. The man was sitting in his home with a BBQ stove when a puppy named “Tuadam” flew into the BBQ stove. The man started acting confused and shocked claiming he had no idea where the dog came from.


Credit: khaosod


The video went viral shortly after it was posted, and backlash started to arrive right away. Netizens commented the content is not creative and they disagree with the way this Youtuber is searching for views. They believe he intentionally planned to throw the puppy onto the hot pan. What he did should be considered as animal torture and he should receive legal punishment for the actions recorded in the video. The Youtuber has since deleted the video from YouTube and Tiktok hoping that netizens would stop commenting on his actions. But it is not that easy, and people are still trying to act against his behavior. Other videos from the same Youtuber have been shared online and netizens are reporting his channel hoping the Youtuber will stop uploading videos once and for all.


Credit: khaosod


Some netizens also believe that this Youtuber has taken inspiration from another female Youtuber. This woman was eating when her cat suddenly jumped onto the dish. Netizens commented they believe someone threw the cat onto the table. The Youtuber later came out and stated her cat is very playful and it was not thrown onto the food intentionally. What do you think about this Youtuber? is it possible that the puppy jumped onto the BBQ stove or was it thrown there by someone? Creating content for entertainment is good but not if others including animals are harmed to get such content.


Credit: khaosod


FB Caption: The man started acting confused and shocked claiming he had no idea where the dog came from.


Source: Khaosod