Thailand Drama news of 2018 Part 1

Thailand is a country with Drama news rising up from society all the time, both of these stories have been chosen by Sanook to be a few of the most shocking and famous incidents that have happened this year. Both have received attention from all Thai’s in the country where opinions have been shared through social media and on the streets like wildfire and are still carefully watched today.  


Credit: Independence (Getty Images)
Credit: Independent (Getty Images)


The rich and powerful Premchai Karnasuta the Black Panther hunter.


Thailand was awakened by the tragedy reported by possibly every news channel in Thailand. On the morning of February 6, Premchai Karnasuta the construction tycoon, boss of Italian-Thai Development was caught with three other men in a National Park protected by law. He was alleged to be poaching the remains of a black panther, one of the most threatened panthers on earth.


Apart from the black panther, there were also a full set of hunting gear and guns beside him and inside the tent ground. After the News got out, opinions of most people were worried if Premchai was going to get let go for some mysterious reason as he was a member of the rich and powerful in Thailand.


The Thai officials are working on the case which is in prosecution. Premchai’s house was later searched, numerous evidence of wildlife hunting including the remains left of endangered animals were found. He is facing at least 10 charges, the Thai people are watching to see if the Thai law will give the animals justice.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


The 30 million THB Lottery Drama


This story has taken so many turns that it has made one of the parties and his associates look like a fool in the public eye. This involves Preecha who is a teacher known to the Thai’s as “Kru Preecha” and the other party Jarun.


Both parties insist that they are the true owners of the winning prize worth 30 million THB. The case is now in court in the process of prosecution. The evidence is being handed over by both parties, where the people are watching closely at the story and are eager to finally hear the courts judgment.


FB Caption: Premchai Black Panther and the 30 million THB lottery drama


Source: Sanook