Thailand’s ‘messiest’ convenience store

‘Manoopanich’ has been named the ‘messiest convenience store’ in Thailand for good reason. Located in the central Thai province of Phitsanulok, the shop has no particular section for each item. Beds, tables, chairs and mannequins are on display together with gas stoves, clothing, notebooks, pencils and other items sought by the locals.

Store owner Aree Kengpanich, 54, has been running the store for more than 10 years. He memorizes the location of each item and customers are impressed by his prompt service, reported today (June 22).

“I think his shop might be considered the messiest store in Thailand, or even in the world,” said one customer.


Top: Messy though this convenience store is the owner knows where things are located. Photo:

By Songpol Kaopatumtip


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