The most beautiful of all islands – Phuket and its architecture


During the daily shopping, working and living in Phuket, sometimes the view for the essential is lost, for the beauty of the enchanting island. Often already smiling tourists are marveled at, who take pictures for hours with their cameras, can’t get enough of the lovingly built little houses and rave about the old town in the highest tones. Also, impressive buildings of modern times were built by a luxury villa architect in Phuket, whereas in the older areas of the island, the Portuguese colonial style with a touch of the Far East can still be seen today.

The cityscape of Phuket, shaped by Chinese hand

Those who walk through the streets of Phuket today often do not remember the history of the island, which was once one of the most important trading centers. In 1809, large parts of the island were destroyed by the Burmese-Siamese War, after which Chinese and Portuguese settled in the city and opened a thriving new business community. Portuguese and Chinese architects were also the ones who shaped much of the old city, and a touch of Britain can also be found in the old buildings.


The resulting Sino-Portuguese colonial style is now one of Phuket’s most important trademarks and one of the reasons why a visit to the Old Town is so special, especially for tourists. The colorful life pulsates and the audience is getting younger and younger. With tourism booming, the number of those who have chosen Phuket not only as a vacation spot, but as a possible new home, is also increasing. Relocating to one of the most beautiful places in the world is becoming an increasingly important issue, especially in Europe.

Corona pandemic has affected the real estate market

The Corona Pandemic did not leave Phuket unscathed, and the loss of tourism had significant consequences. Stores were closed forever, expatriates returned home to be with family. This was a major change for the real estate market. Even the leading Real Estate Agency for Prime Properties and Beachfront Land in Phuket feels now, that purchases going up again and new growth is developing. Some owners of luxury villas with sea views, impressive architectural works are looking for a new buyers, tough.

The main target group here: Europeans from Germany, Great Britain, but also Spain and Italy, French, US Americans, Chinese, Australians and Russians. Russian tourism has only grown in recent years. As the wealth of the Russian population grows, so does the interest in high-end real estate in places that are particularly heavily influenced by tourism. Last mentioned we will see how the conflict of Russia and Ukraine will develop and how sanctions will influence the buyer market of Russians in Phuket.

Building new dream villas is worthwhile

Luxury architecture plays a growing role in Thailand, but especially in Phuket. The number of professional architects has increased rapidly in the last decades, especially in the luxury segment there are interesting changes. Due to the openness of the real estate market, it has become a lucrative business to develop impressive properties and build villas that leave nothing to be desired. This creates spaces for the influx of the global population, as well as investment opportunities for the people of the continents.

The luxury of Phuket speaks for itself

After the Chinese and Portuguese played a major role in Phuket’s post-war reconstruction, it is now mainly luxury architects who shape the cityscape and maintain the luxury that has always characterized the island. For a long time, Phuket was the island of the workers. Those who came to visit wanted to trade, Phuket was considered an important hub for Asian, Arab and European transfers. In the last 150 years, however, the interests changed more and more.

Phuket was more and more chosen as a vacation destination, the economic focus was on tourism. Whether in catering or retail, many of the island’s workers focused less on their own people and more on those who wanted to enjoy the beauty of the island during the high season months and spend a short time enjoying the life of royalty. And it quickly became apparent that tourists from all over the world could not get enough of the life Phuket has to offer.

Still affordable living costs and maximum luxury, a combination that makes housing on the island so interesting. Investors can invest money for the fraction of what an equivalent villa would cost in Europe, securing their future. A luxury villa in Phuket is very likely to increase in value and is therefore already one of the most valuable investment opportunities for many people.

Culture and creativity combined in one place

The characterization of Phuket is not complete with one word. On the one hand, it is considered the island of glamour and the rich, but on the other hand, it magically attracts artists and creative people. But without the wealthy class, the island would not be what it has become to this day. And a large part was played by those who are not native to Thailand, but who have done more to shape the island than the inhabitants themselves.

Over 150 years of grandiose architecture and impressive monuments of the time have ensured that Phuket has become one of the most exciting places in the world. To this day, the old town is dominated by Sino-Portuguese Villas, relics of the past complemented by modern changes. Old, hardly used places have been redeveloped and transformed. For example, the old coconut plantation near Surin Beach. Today, it is home to a luxury resort for vacationers who don’t want to miss out on any amenities during their Phuket trip.

The last years have changed Phuket. Architects with star quality have recognized Phuket’s potential and realized their projects. With great success, because investors did not come slowly, but in droves. The desire for high quality real estate in a place as peaceful and friendly as Phuket remains unbroken to this day.

The Only One Architecture & Real Estate Group is one of the most important and experienced architecture companies in all of Phuket and has managed to start a whole new imprint on the island with its realized projects. Here comes not only the necessary willingness to work, but especially the imagination it takes to create new luxury properties. Pure building talent is not enough to enrich an island like Phuket even more. After all, this place is already one of the most popular and beautiful regions in the world. It takes empathy and understanding of the market and what “western Investors” and “modern Buyers” want nowadays. It takes a high level of creativity, intelligence, and imagination to add even more luxury to this paradise for vacationers and investors.