Thief arrested after “invisibility spell” didn’t work

A thief claims to be a warlock and reveals that he has used an“invisibility spell” many times before when robbing homes. This time the spell didn’t work because he took off his pants, leading to his arrest. The security footage was able to capture the thief in action, including when he left the house wearing just a shirt and his underwear. Police Major General Nanthachat Supamongkol from the Udon Thani Police and other related officials reported the arrest of Anurak Promwang 32 years old on 21 February 2020.


Credit: Khaosod


Anurak is charged with committing theft during the night. Officials found evidence that was left including a Toyota truck, pliers and screwdrivers used to break into the house, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products. Anurak revealed that what was not found in the evidence has already been sold. Officials stated that a pharmacy named Theerada Pharmacy in the main City of Udon Thani Province was robbed. The thief was wearing his underwear that showed a tattoo on his legs. The police tracked him down with the information of the truck and his tattoo. This is not Anurak’s first time robbing a store, he has robbed at least 10 other businesses in Udon Thani.


Credit: Khaosod


Anurak has previously been in jail 13 years ago on a case involving the Yaba drug. When he came out of jail Anurak started working as a delivery driver in Bangkok. He later returned back home to Udon Thani to stay with his wife, together they had 1 child. Anurak admitted after he was arrested that he entered monkhood for 8 years. Through this time he learned magic and got tattoos that could help him. He mastered the invisibility spell allowing Anurak to rob at least 10 businesses without ever being caught.


Credit: Khaosod


Anurak claims that he wasn’t so lucky this time and a bad mistake made the spell not work, revealing his true identity. While he was breaking into the house his pants ripped and he wasn’t able to walk comfortably so he took it off, leaving Anurak in his underwear. He believes this is the reason that the spell didn’t work and why he was caught on security camera footage.



FB Caption: He entered monkhood for 8 years where he learned magic and mastered the invisibility spell.


Source: Khaosod