Thief found sleeping on comfy bed with AC on.

A thief was found sleeping on the bed with the air conditioner on till morning arrived. Police woke the man up before arresting him on the spot. Police Lieutenant Colonel Parinya Parasai from the Wichian Buri Police Station in Phetchabun Province received notification of a home burglary. The home belongs to Police Senior Sergeant Major Sakda Jiamprasertsit who works at the station. A family member found the thief sleeping on his daughter’s bed. The police station was notified, and officials went to the location straight away.


Officials found the man sleeping comfortably inside the room with the AC turned on. He was wrapped in a blanket and looked peaceful. Police woke the man up, he seemed confused and was arrested while still half asleep. Officers also found evidence including tools used to break into the home. Athit 22-year-old is a local from the Province. He stated to police that he started breaking into homes at around 2 AM on 22 March 2021. The thief felt sleepy as he entered the bedroom and saw the bed. He turned on the AC to take a nap. The suspect was shocked as he woke up to find the homeowner and police officers.


The suspect is facing charges relate to burglary during the night. The homeowner stated he woke up in the morning and realized the AC in the daughter’s room was turned on. This was strange because the daughter is currently in another province. He went outside the home and looked through the window. This is when he found the thief sleeping peacefully on his daughter’s bed. He called the station and other officers arrived shortly after to arrest the man.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The thief felt sleepy as he saw the bed. He decided to turn on the AC and take a nap but woke up to police officers staring at him.


Source: Sanook