Thief pretending to be hospital visitor steals from teenager

A THAI man who pretended to be a visitor sleeping over to watch the condition of a sick relative was caught stealing from a teenage girl who was there to take care of her grandfather, Thai News Agency reported this morning (June 14, 2018).

Mr Charoen Whadwapi, 53, was caught by the guard of Buriram Hospital in the northeastern province of the same name at 4 a.m. this morning while trying to sneak away with a bag and mobile phone belonging to Miss Nisa Thanakornkittisuk, 17.

Nisa said she was spending the night at the hospital to watch over her grandfather who is suffering from sleeping sickness, and while trying to sleep with other people likewise doing so there, she noticed Charoen coming in and acting as if he too was there for the same purpose.

However at 4 a.m. she woke up and found her belongings missing so quickly alerted the guard, who managed to catch Chaoroen.

The guard said Charoen initially denied stealing but police were called after Nisa’s belongings were found on him. He is also certain that Chaoen has stolen from hospital visitors many times before.


Top: Charoen seated on the floor with the bag he stole next to.  Photo: Thai News Agency

Below: Nisa with the police after getting her belongings back. Photo: Thai News Agency

Nisa with the police