Thief stole 35,000 right by the monk abbot sleeping in the temple.

The Chonburi Police received news of a robbery that took place in a temple. The female thief stole the money that was placed close to an abbot while he was sleeping. She managed to get away with 35,000 THB without waking up the monk. The police are tracking the thief down thanks to the security camera in the abbot’s room.


Credit: INN News
Credit: INN News


Phra Kru Tham Yan Prayut the leading abbot monk of Wat Nong Jup Tao temple in Na Jomtien, Chonburi province notified the news media about a robbery that took place in the temple right by where he was sleeping in the Monk’s cell.


The incident took place around 3 pm on the 27th of this month. The thief was captured by the security camera. A woman walked into the Monk’s cell and slowly walked toward a bag placed above the abbot’s bed right where the abbot was currently sleeping. The women removed the bag and started digging inside.


When she saw that there was cash inside she picked up the bag and then went to look inside a bowl that was normally used to store holy water. She found more cash inside the bowl and put it in the bag then walked out of the Monk’s cell. The abbot was sleeping with his body facing the window. The thief managed to get away without anyone in the temple realizing what had just happened.


Credit: INN News
Credit: INN News


Based on the security camera footage, the female thief is estimated to be around 26 to 35 years old, long hair that was tied in a ponytail, and about 160 to 165 centimeters tall. She was wearing a shirt with short sleeves and short pants.


The police were notified of the robbery, the investigation team is working on the issue. Villagers in the area were interviewed to see if anyone recognizes the women in the security footage. Police hope to arrest the thief and bring her in to face her the law soon.


FB Caption: The thief managed to get away with 35,000 THB that was placed inside a bag above the abbot’s bed and inside the holy water bowl.


Source: INN News