Thief’s BFF returns money from a 7.2 million robbery to the police.

Golf Neaw Rangjai 27 years old and Bank Suanmi 20 years old used a gun to threaten a BRINKS cash car on February 23rd of this year. They managed to get away with 7.22 million THB in cash from the theft.


The investigation police were able to find out who it was by confirmation of evidence. Not long after the discovery, Bank was arrested but Golf managed to get away as he made shots at the police with a gun he was carrying.


On the 12th of this month, 2 friends of the suspects named Bell and Toey came forward to the investigation police at the Metropolitan Police Bureau. Bell reported that he has been best friends with Bank since they were children. One day after the robbery Bank came to invite him to clean a house in Bang Bon that Bank planned to move in together with Bell.


Bell noticed that he had a bag of cash and asked Bank where he got the money, where Bank replied that the money was inherited from his grandmother. Golf then handed Bell and Toey 200,000 THB as a gift. Bell didn’t hear from Golf and Bank since that day, up until they saw the news and realized that the money was illegal money. Bell went to a family member working in the army who helped contact the police to show that Bell was innocent in holding a part of the stolen cash.


Credit: Workpoint News
Credit: Workpoint News


Toey reported that he was suspicious of why Bank’s inherited cash was being handled also by Golf. But the excitement of receiving the money made him accept it without asking any questions, he then proceeded to spend 120,000 THB out of the 200,000 THB.


Police Major General Ittipol Achariya Pradit from the Metropolitan Police Bureau reported that the police will have to investigate and interview all friends involved in the case deeper. There is still at least 2 million THB missing that may be related to at least 1 person suspected to be involved in the robbery. There is also another robbery at Bangyai Police Station that may be linked to Bank and Golf involving over 1.6 million THB.


FB Caption:  Bank told Bell and Toey that the money was inherited from his grandmother. Golf then handed Bell and Toey 200,000 THB as a gift.


Source: Workpoint News