Thousands of letters discovered in postman’s home.

Thousands of letters were discovered in postman’s home, the letters have been collecting on top of each other for over 6 months. The postman was terminated from working at the post office on the spot.


A Facebook user named Santad Tad Dejkerd, he is the admin of the Facebook page “Kon Rak Bang Sapan” which can be translated into “Bangsapan lovers” in English with over 84k followers.


Santad stated in his post that he had been waiting for months for an important letter. He finally took a trip to see why the letter was not delivered to his home at the main post office in his area. The shocking truth came to surface when thousands of letters were discovered in a giant pile of papers that covered the floor of a house in Changrak, Bang Sapan Noi district, Prachuap Khiri Khan province.


Santad explained that he had not received his tax papers, bank documents, credit cards, checks, and other important documents.  This has caused him multiple issues including problems with the banks and his work. He had previously complained many times about the issue to the post office but nothing was ever done to find a solution. He is not surprised why other delivery companies are gaining popularity over the post office.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


Villagers have almost gone to jail because letters from the court appointing their appearance were not delivered to them. From the appearance of the pile of letters, there must be thousands of letters. The postman in this incident might have some personal issues, but it shouldn’t interfere with his ability to do his work properly.


Sanook news team contacted the head of Bang Sapan Noi post office for a statement on the incident, but the news team was advised to contact the province for more accurate information. The postman in this story has been working for only 7 months, the post office will rate their employees every 6 months, the postman will be terminated from his job immediately.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


The Bang Sapan Noi post office will be returning the letters to their rightful owners by a new postman. Theerapong Tepmanee, the head of the Bang Sapan Noi post office states that he was extremely shocked with the actions of the postman. He is extremely sorry for what had happened to citizens in the area affected by the postman’s actions.


FB Caption: Thousands of letters including important documents were discovered in the home of the postman. The letters have not been delivered for over 6 months, He was terminated from the job on the spot.


Source: Sanook