Thousands line up for rice due to Covid-19

Thousands of people have lined up for rice from good citizens who want to help others during the COVID-19 situation. The rice giveaway took place in Santiphap Park also known as Park of Peace in Ratchathewi, Bangkok on 23 April 2020. Officials responsible in the area have come and helped the people organize lines according to the safety measures, mainly to have a distance of at least 2 meters to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.


Credit: Khaosod


A group of good citizens has prepared over 1,000 bags of rice for people living in Bangkok. Ratchathewi Police officers helped arrange the giveaway and organized the waiting lines. The park was lined with stickers showing a 2-meter safety distance so the people can know where to stand. Rujira Arin the Ratchathewi District Director stated that the Santiphap Park is about 980 meters and can support over 1,000 persons inside at a time, but due to the pandemic and the social distancing allows the park to support only 831 persons at a time. At least 150 persons can wait around the park. Officials made sure that the giveaway followed the Ministry of Public Health Standards.


Credit: Khaosod


Every person waiting in the park had their temperature checked along with a free hand sanitizer. Those with fever were separated into another line, if they still had a fever after another check then a doctor is called. Those intending to start a giveaway for food or money can notify the district and officials will help organize the location and when along with providing officials at the site to help maintain safety standards. Rujira has started another method where the people will be given coupons in exchange for food, restaurants in each area can join in the good service within this time of struggle.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Officials help organize the lines as thousands line up for rice to help feed their family during COVID-19.


Source: Khaosod